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        John Deere 332E Skid Steer with BH11 Backhoe Attachment


        ModelMax Dig DepthTransport HeightLoading ReachReach From Swing PivotLoading Height

        BH9 Backhoe

        110 in. (2795 mm)

        100 in. (2550 mm)

        59 in. (1500 mm)

        146 in. (3705 mm)

        93 in. (2355 mm)

        BH10 Backhoe

        116 in. (2945 mm)

        93 in. (2360 mm)

        50 in. (1270 mm)

        153 in. (3885 mm)

        82 in. (2085 mm)

        BH11 Backhoe

        133 in. (3380 mm)

        106 in. (2690 mm)

        60 in. (1525 mm)

        173 in. (4395 mm)

        96 in. (2440 mm)

        331G with BH10 Attachment

        About Our Backhoes

        Our backhoe attachments are a combination of productivity, ease of operation, and unmatched durability.  180-deg. swing maximizes efficiency in confined areas and the low-profile console enables visibility. 

        Close up of the quik-tatch system for hooking an attachment to a machine


        With our universal, self-cleaning Quik-Tatch easy-attachment system, you can switch from one type of attachment to another in no time flat.

        How to Buy

        Start by requesting a pricing quote or contacting your dealer directly. Or check out our complete line of compact equipment to pair with our attachments.