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        Remote village

        Generator Drive Prime Power

        When a generator is your main power source, it needs to be reliable, quiet, and efficient. Prime power generator sets powered by John Deere engines will deliver these features:

        • Quiet electrical power
        • Over 500 hours of operation without routine service
        • Support from more than 4,000 service locations worldwide
        Close up of the John Deere logo on an engine block

        New Products

        Check out our latest engine and drivetrain components

        Get sustainable power without sacrificing performance.

        PSS 6068 engine

        Final Tier 4 / Stage V

        33-297 kW (44-398 hp)

        PVX 6068 engine

        Interim Tier 4

        55–448 kW, 74–600 hp

        6068 engine

        Stage III A

        56–448 kW, 75–600 hp

        You Have the Power

        Powering your machines with John Deere engines and drivetrain components ensures they will live up to the hard-working expectations you expect.