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        Recreational Marine Engines

        4045 engine

        Propulsion Engines

        60-559 kW, 80-750 hp

        6090 engine

        Generator Drive and Constant Speed Auxiliary Engines

        40-416 kW, 54-558 hp

        Close up of the John Deere logo on an engine block

        New Products

        Check out our latest engine and drivetrain components

        Vol. 1 2019

        About Marine PowerSource

        Captains and boat owners around the world rely on John Deere engines to power their work —?and their adventures. Read how our customers power their livelihoods on the water.

        Marine Engine Model Naming Key

        Engine Model Naming Guide

        engine installation

        Repowering Your Vessel

        Man working on a John Deere engine

        OEM Engine and Drivetrain Warranty