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        Vehicle Electrification

        1 million operating hours of proven performance

        John Deere is well-versed in the integration of electrical generators and/or motors, power electronics, and mechanical drivetrain interfaces. With more than one million operating hours of proven performance in the field, John Deere electric drivetrain components are available in multiple configurations to help OEMs implement electric and hybrid drive systems in their off-highway applications.

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        Proven off-highway performance

        When you choose John Deere power, you know you are getting the best combination of performance, reliability, and durability.  Our application engineers are ready to assist you in selecting the options that best fit your needs. We also offer dedicated OEM service and long-term aftermarket support.

        Electronics chip

        Electric Drivetrain Components

        John Deere has the experience to help you electrify vehicles and provides rugged system components.

        Electrification made easy

        John Deere takes a flexible, balanced, and scalable approach to electric drivetrain engineering. By working closely with OEMs to understand their application needs, we are developing reliable, efficient, and cost-effective alternatives to traditional drivetrain systems.

        John Deere Electronic Solutions

        Discover John Deere Electronic Solutions

        We work closely with our customers to understand their needs, and use our expertise to discover innovative ways to accomplish their goals with flexible, long-term electronic platforms and product improvements that customers value.

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        Engine Parts

        You want genuine John Deere.

        engine service


        Top-quality service from more than 4,000 John Deere dealers.

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        Find Your Distributor or Dealer

        Search and quickly find your nearest John Deere dealer.