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        Multi-Use Account from John Deere Financial  - Your Farm Financing Solution

        Multi-Use Account

        Ag Financing That Works As Hard As You Do

        With ultra-flexible farm credit that extends to more than 9,000 merchant and dealer locations, your Multi-Use Account will quickly become your single farm financing solution for purchases, including:

        • Equipment parts, service & attachments
        • Crop seed, protectants & fertilizer
        • Livestock feed
        • Fuel, including bulk oil and petroleum
        • Other general supplies, from gates to gloves
        Buy now, pay later with your Multi-Use Account

        All the Benefits

        Every-day convenience from online account management tools, to access to special financing offers, to buy now and pay later.

        Apply now or upgrade your Multi-Use Account

        Apply Now

        A Preferred Multi-Use Account is ready for you to use at over 9,000 participating locations nationwide.

        Image of a John Deere Planter

        Crop Input Offers

        Finance crop inputs and take advantage of No-Payments/No-Interest, or deferred payment programs tied to your production cycle.

        Merchant Locator

        Get what you need when you need it at more than 9,000 dealer and merchant locations.

        Planter in field

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