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        John Deere 803M Tracked Feller Buncher felling a group of trees


        The 959 ML Shovel Logger on a white background

        Introducing the 959ML Shovel Logger

        Our new 959ML Shovel Logger is the machine engineered for working on steep slopes and in other challenging conditions. With multiple boom and steep slope options, a cab designed for both comfort and viewing your terrain, the highly reliabile 959ML Shovel Logger is designed for you and the toughest challenges.

        John Deere ForestSight Technology

        Turn data into insights to optimize your machines, uptime, jobsites, and ultimately your bottom line.

        John Deere Ultimate Uptime

        Ultimate Uptime is a dealer-delivered support solution designed, based on the needs of your business, to maximize your uptime.



        Special Offers & Financing

        You need a finance team that gets in the trenches to learn about your entire operation – not just your credit score.

        Additional Equipment Offerings

        John Deere Used Forestry Equipment For Sale

        Used Forestry Equipment

        Get the quality and value you expect from the John Deere name at used equipment prices. Whether you're looking for the peace of mind and warranty options provided by a John Deere Certified Used machine or you're open to all used equipment options, your local John Deere Dealer has what you need.

        loader with log fork moving logs

        Construction Equipment

        From loaders of all sizes to road-clearing machines, our construction equipment lineup will round out your equipment fleet. Maximize your productivity with our wide variety of log forks and grapple attachments.

        News & Information