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        Hay and Forage

        Photo of harvester in studio

        Harvesting Equipment

        No one brings more experience to the harvesting business than John Deere. Since 1837, we’ve been making innovative solutions for farming. And we’ve used those years of field experience to create field equipment that works quickly, yet gently.

        Hay and Forage Mowing Image - Studio

        Mowing Equipment

        When it comes to cutting hay, your John Deere dealer has you covered. Fast, clean cutting that helps you get the most from your hay fields.

        baling equipment studio photo

        Baling Equipment

        John Deere Balers are made with one purpose: strengthening overall performance of customer production. Strength starts from within. When it works its way out, it’s your operation that ends up stronger.

        handling equipment photo

        Handling Equipment

        From bale spears to bale wrappers, whatever your hay needs are, John Deere has equipment that delivers.

        raking equipment photo

        Raking Equipment

        For commercial haymakers looking to shave a little time in the field, John Deere handling equipment give you high-performance and consistency to tackle nearly any type of terrain.

        Tedding Equipment Photo

        Tedding Equipment

        Thorough conditioning and speedy drydown equals high-quality hay. And for that, reach for a Hay Tedder to give you even distribution in all types of hay.

        Precision Ag Technology Image

        Precision Ag Technology

        Connecting people, equipment, and technology to give you an advantage.

        Photo of hands holding a small notebook open

        Tips Notebook

        Visit our compilation of how-to tips, videos and ideas about how to get all kinds of jobs done around your place, including videos on hay mowing, tedding, raking, and bale handling.

        tractor with hay with cows

        Livestock Loyalty Program

        Special savings is our way of saying thanks for investing in John Deere.

        Additional Resources