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        John Deere 655K Crawler Loader dumping a load of dirt on a job site.

        Crawler Loaders

        ModelNet PowerOperating WeightHeaped CapacityBreakout ForceDump Height

        116 kW (155 hp) @ 1,400 rpm

        18 422 kg (40,614 lb.)

        1.9 m3 (2.4 cu. yd.)

        148 kN (33,271 lbf)

        2665 mm (105 in.)

        145 kW (194 hp) @ 1,800 rpm

        20 492 kg (45,178 lb.)

        2.5 m3 (3.2 cu. yd.)

        197 kN (44,287 lbf)

        2950 mm (116 in.)

        reversing fan on crawler loader

        Exclusive Quad-Cool? Feature

        This cooling system features an optional reversing fan. Hydraulic-driven variable-speed fan runs only as needed, reducing noise and fuel consumption. Reversing option automatically back-blows cooler cores at preset intervals. When conditions demand more frequent cleaning, simply press a button.

        John Deere WorkSight Technology

        Turn data into insights to optimize your machines, uptime, jobsites, and ultimately your bottom line.

        John Deere Ultimate Uptime

        Ultimate Uptime is a dealer-delivered support solution designed, based on the needs of your business, to maximize your uptime.



        Special Offers & Financing

        You need a finance team that gets in the trenches to learn about your entire operation – not just your credit score.