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        Seeding Equipment

        Introducing the new N500C Air Drill

        Full seed ahead

        Formerly the 1990 CCS Series Air Drill, the all-new N500C Air Drill is the new name for no-till precision technology, greater seed capacity, and seeding more acres between refills.

        Seeding Technology

        ProSeries? Opener Performance Upgrade Kits

        Improve seed-to-soil contact, depth consistency, germination and uniform emergence with ProSeries™ Opener

        Go from good to great with the ProSeries™ Opener Upgrade Kit from John Deere. Upgrade your 90 Series Opener with six state-of-the-art parts to improve seed-to-soil contact, depth consistency, germination and uniform emergence.

        N500C Series Air Drill

        Discover how the new N500C Series Air Drill works

        TruSet? Technology

        Adjust depth and down-pressure in seconds from your cab

        RelativeFlow Blockage Software

        Spot potential problems before they occur

        Compare our Integrated Tank Air Drills

        The 1990 CCS™ is now the N500C Series (Including the N530C, N536C, N540C and N542C): N – no-till opener. 5 – Series. 30 – width. C – Central Commodity System.

        ModelWorking WidthCapacitySpacingOpener

        30 ft., 36 ft.,
        40 ft., 42 ft.

        100 bu., 120 bu.

        7.5 in., 10 in., 15 in., 20 in.


        30 ft., 36 ft.,
        40 ft., 42.5 ft.

        70 bu., 100 bu.

        7.5 in, 10 in., 15 in.



        Farm Even Better

        Maximize the full potential of your field.

        seeding aircart

        Build Your Own

        Build and price seeding equipment to fit your needs.

        close up image of hands holding control panel

        Wireless Conveyance

        Reduce the hassle of moving the conveyance arm manually with the new conveyance solution. Wireless remote allows you to take control of arm when filling and uploading to limit fatigue and get you back in your field seeding more quickly.

        up close image of command module


        Keep your profit margins high and your input waste low. All-new SectionCommand minimizes seed and fertilizer loss, while offering more consistent fields that improve the potential of your yield and your bottom line.

        An easy, mid-priced way to seed into conventional tillage.
        · 8 to 13 ft. (2.5 to 4.0 m) working widths
        · Drill cereal grains, legumes and forage crops
        · Standard hydraulic lift cylinder raises and lowers the openers
        · Optional combination seed/fertilizer box available

        ModelWorking WidthPTO HPHitch

        8 ft. (2.4 m) Wide, 7.5 in. (19.1 cm) row spacing

        45 hp (33.6 kW) minimum


        10 ft. 6 in. (3.2 m) Wide, 6 & 7.5 in. (15.2 & 19.1 cm) row spacings

        50 hp (37.2 kW) minimum


        13 ft. (4.0 m) Wide, 6 & 7.5 in. (15.2, 19.1 cm) row spacings

        50 hp (37.2 kW) minimum


        Renovate pastures or landscape roadsides with a Conservation Seeder. It makes quick work of any type of seeding, from native prairie grasses to large legumes.
        · Work at speeds up to 7 mph (11.2 kph)
        · Full-width coverage to prevent "pinstripe" effect
        · Reinforced nylon or cast-iron rear cultipacker rings
        · Includes various combinations of standard large-grain, native grass, small-seed legume, and stainless-steel fertilizer boxes
        · iMatch™ and Quick-Coupler compatible (iMatchTM compatible CS1360 only)

        ModelWorking WidthPTO HPHitch

        5 ft. (1.5 m)

        30 hp (22.4 kW) minimum

        Cat. 1 and 2

        7 ft. (2.1 m)

        50 hp (37.3 kW) minimum

        Cat. 1 and 2

        Additional Resources